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A vast majority of people still get confusing emotional impulses when marijuana is mentioned or being talked about. There is a vast verity of strains with many street names, and various ways used to consume these products. It is but normal to kind of get confused when looking forward to purchasing the right products.

Our Company

Right now, Cali Buds are gaining their deserved place as a secure and adequate full-plant medication option. Our mission here is to stop the stigmatization and bring marijuana close to the society and in particular to those in need of relief to find help with chronic pain and other symptoms and sicknesses pulling their lives to the drain.

Our project is designed and squared perfectly to suit men and women from all walks of life, so as they come to us to purchase products with regards to treating their particular conditions, they may feel very comfortable and assured.

With all the years of experience, we sit with you with lots of empathy, to a deep knowledge of the kind of issue you are looking forward to tackling, then propose lasting and tailored solutions for your relief. You are very welcome and encouraged to shop with us. If you also have a question, do not hesitate to write us. when it all started, we knew in our hearts that a great knowledge of cannabis strains and a good medical background will not suffice to drive our objectives to fruition. In that light, we needed a nice, loving and all good vibe staff as family and team. Here we are today proud to say we found that great family. Though our judgments may sometimes be biased, our patients have proven us right.

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